Acute Triage Clinician

suPARnostic® can be an aid for risk stratification in the Acute Care Setting

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Emergency Department

Clinical use of suPARnostic® can improve patient triage

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New data from Emergency Room

Read the results from Hillerød University Hospital study with 6000 patients enrolled

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October 18, 2012: "suPAR - en helt ny måde at tænke sygdom på"

Read the Danish article from the magazine Praksis, Erhvervsmagasinet for private speciallægeklinikker, October 2012:

"suPAR - en helt ny måde at tænke sygdom på". An interview with Jesper Eugen-Olsen about the amount of inflammation in the body and the prognostic value of the suPAR test.

pr o18   pdf icon 20121018 suPAR in magazine Praksis